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Selected Work from PNCA’s Submit Magazine


Untitled presents work from Submit Magazine, an annual, student-managed publication featuring original visual and literary works from the PNCA community.

Submit Magazine is an annual, student-managed publication featuring original visual and literary works from PNCA’s community as well as submissions from visiting artists and writers. This year, PNCA offered awards in three categories for the most recent issue, Utopia. These students are the first three winners of the ongoing awards to student artists and writers published in Submit.

Congratulations to Adrienne Huckabone ’11 (Literary Award), Jacob Garcia ’12 (Submit Pick Award) and Matthew Miller ’11 (Visual Art Award).

Adrienne Huckabone ’11 – Literary Award


Sandy fluffed a wall of pillows and lazily sat up in bed. Under the covers, (fully dressed in her bathrobe, curtains drawn, TV tray set off to the side sprinkled with single shot travelers liquor bottles and crinkled chip bags) she extended and crossed her legs. Bathed in a cool cerulean glow, Sandy logged on. JollyMom420. She dug into a silver bag and removed an orange, sticky handful of Cheetos. She shoved them into her mouth. She chewed. She smacked. She chewed, and smacked. She thrust her hand down the bag again, gathering more orange dust on her sleeve, but it was fabulously dim behind the curtain and she couldn’t see it. Sandy would have never noticed anyway: JollyMom420 was busy greeting her friends and her eyes never left the monitor.

It was just after noon and as JollyMom420 typed to her chat room, Sandy opened another browser window and Googled for sunsets. She had grown oddly attached to watching foreign sunsets. Her favorite one was frozen lake in Germany, a place she and her ex had visited years ago when her girls were young. It was late afternoon on the lake, with beautiful clear skies, some small clouds sitting just near the horizon. Sandy looked for a second, and went back to talking to GolfGuy507, a middle aged divorcé who had two girls in high school and crazy ex wife. She checked the lake. It had about an hour to go.

She sat up, stretched, and scooted close to her side table. Her left hand groped the dark space underneath her bed as her right hand felt around the inside of the Cheetos bag. She tossed the empty bag on the floor and slowly sucked on each cheese coated finger on her right, as her left hand found a cold, smooth pot that lived beneath her bed. She carefully dragged out the pot. She cinched up her robe. She squatted and faintly sighed as she listened to the warm stream leave her body.

Suddenly a door opened. Sandy bounced at the sound and crawled back underneath her mound of blankets.

It was ForrestRanger64 – she knew it. With a small grunt she clicked the X in the upper right hand corner. She hoped he hadn’t seen she was there. He had sent her an irritated email yesterday wondering why she had stood him up for their meeting. She hadn’t emailed him back and didn’t plan to. She went to her other window. She looked on at Germany and zoned out for a couple minutes. Dark clouds drifted by and obscured the sun. Usually people were in the webcam’s shot but today it was barren. It was because it was cold and it was Christmas. There was one man far out on the lake with his tripod and camera. She watched him and realized they were probably the only ones looking at this sunset in the whole world.

He seemed handsome. Quiet. Misunderstood. A lone wolf, like herself. She wondered what his name was. She wondered what his face looked like, if he was more like Robert Redford or Clive Owen, probably more like Clive. He had the same body type. Sandy watched the dark figure position his tripod and readjust. She watched him walk further and further out towards the middle of the frozen lake, a place so beautiful she could smell the air, when suddenly she realized the sun had disappeared already. It was dusk and Sandy had missed sunset. She looked back at her photographer but all she saw was his tripod and his camera bag tossed to the side.

She zoomed in and zoomed out, her eyes frantically searched every pixel on the screen, but he wasn’t there.

Clive was gone.

Jacob Garcia ’12 – Submit Pick

Through photography, my artwork shows the human condition in its pure form. I photograph people’s lives, the conditions in which we are brought up in, and the culture of the world around me. With the help of small format cameras, I am able to capture intimacy and candidness while keeping my camera hidden from my subjects. I strive to capture what Henri Cartier-Bresson calls the “decisive moment.” This is the moment in which everything falls into place.


Barbershop #4 Portland, OR, 2010


Joey in the Morning Salem, OR, 2009

Matthew Miller ’11 – Visual Art

This work is an exploration within the gun culture I belong to and how I became a part of that culture. My investigation is not about whether I should own guns but rather why I own them. I am interested in the relationship I have with guns and the fictional characteristics I take on when interacting with firearms. This work questions the notion of performance with guns as well as ideas of role-playing and fantasy. View more of Miller’s work on his website.


Untitled (Jeff), 2011


Untitled (Anonymous #5), 2011


Untitled (Matthew), 2011

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