Laura Allcorn ‘11 Debuts in Dublin


Allcorn's Human Pollination Project is included in Human+, an exhibition that explores the future of our species.

Laura Allcorn, ’11 (MFA Applied Craft and Design) made her international debut at the HUMAN+ exhibition at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. As part of her participation, Allcorn was awarded support funding to transport and install her project and was invited to be a guest at the opening of the exhibition. Her Human Pollination Project brings attention to our reliance on the pollination services provided by honeybees and sparks dialogue around the social and environmental implications of the global loss of honeybees from colony collapse disorder.

Honeybees provide pollination for over one third of our food supply. What if humans had to assume pollination responsibilities from the honeybee? By adorning one’s self with a hand pollination tool kit the wearer finds himself or herself with the uncomfortable and overwhelming burden of assuming the vast and tedious pollination responsibilities of the bee. These hand pollination tool kits make visible the very necessary role of honeybees in global ecosystems. The HUMAN+ exhibition considers a future of augmented abilities, authored evolution, new strategies for survival and non-human encounters through a range of installations and laboratories exploring the future of our species.

Allcorn was recently featured in Design Bureau magazine as an exciting “For Hire” up-and-coming designer as well as in an article on WIRED Magazine’s UK side, and is part of the inaugural class of the MFA in Applied Craft and Design, a joint program between Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft.

— Posted on 06/07 at 05:02 PM

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