Damien Webb Designs Pac-10 Logo


Portland-based Mutt Industries tapped Damien Webb '05 to design a new logo for the Pacific-10 conference, drafting hundreds of logos in the process.

In early 2010, Communication Design graduate Damien Webb ’05 created a winning new logo for The Pacific-10 Conference (Pac-10). Working at the time for Portland-based firm Mutt Industries, Webb was challenged to design a new identity for the conference that would resonate with a broad audience, and took inspiration from school crests to create the dynamic, new identifying mark that is unique in the collegiate athletic conference landscape. Through the design process, Webb drafted hundreds of versions of logos, ultimately settling on one that incorporates the symbols of a mountain and a wave, which refers to the geographic footprint of the conference. Webb recently relocated to Oakland, CA and is working as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator for a variety of clients, including Major League Soccer and Adidas.

Damien describes the project on his website:

“The Pac-10 was in need of updating their look in order to appeal to a broader T.V. market. My design challenge was how might I create an identity that would resonate with a younger audience, without alienating older alumni? To set the Pac-10 apart from its competition, I looked for a shape that was unique in the collegiate athletic conference landscape. I began searching for something strong and symbolic that would stand the test of time. Besides a new brand identity system, various brand experience touchpoints were carefully considered and redesigned: the redesign of uniform patches, the facility graphics and the look and feel of the Pac-10 media day experience. The final new mark had to also be numerically expandable too, as we were later asked to update our own logo to the Pac-12.”

Webb also designed the logo for the Timbers Army.


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