Off the White Wall


Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's TBA:09 launches the academic year at PNCA.

The Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival is Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s annual convergence of contemporary performance, dance, music, new media and visual arts project. For the College, TBA is the jet fuel that launches the academic year. With the confluence of the start of the festival and the beginning of the academic year, the campus becomes an international laboratory for thinking, discussing, viewing and performing with some of the leading contemporary artists/performers.

The festival is a 10-day immersion—visiting artists give noontime chats in PNCA’s Commons every day, there are classroom visits, performance workshops, passes to events for the community, post events blogs, discussions and for some PNCA artists, participation in the festival.

Here are a few stories of artists’ engagement at PNCA during TBA:09.


Brian Lund talks to Mack McFarland about his works on paper combining two cinematic sources: Oliver Stone’s Wall Street and Busby Berkeley’s choreographed dance sequences.

Artist and PNCA faculty member Stephen Slappe talks to Kristan Kennedy about his recent project We Are Legion.

Nicole Dill ’09 and Tyler Wallace ’09 examine the lines between private and public spaces, confidentiality and disclosure, voyeurism and exhibitionism in work shown at the 2009 Time-Based Art Festival.

by Becca Biggs

— Posted on 10/22 at 05:38 PM

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