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Selected Works from PNCA’s Spring 2012 Submit Magazine


PNCA awards two students for excellence in the most recent issue of Submit Magazine.

Submit Magazine is a bi-annual, student-managed publication featuring original visual and literary works from PNCA’s community as well as submissions from visiting artists and writers. This year, PNCA offers awards in two categories for the most recent issue, Archive. These students continue the tradition of excellence among the student artists and writers published in Submit.

Congratulations to Chloé Dietz ’13 (Literary Award) and Hailey Rose Jones ’14 (Visual Art Award).

Chloé Dietz ’13 – Literary Award

“This work is a fragment of an epistolary narrative. It is a window into a relationship which, due to geographic distance, has been reduced to the maintenance and expansion of a personal archive. Here separation and absence are reminders and metaphors of death. How can we know an other through their traces? How can we make those traces speak and extend into the future? Is it possible to write ourselves across time, or to write a life into being? August-September 2007 is the beginning of an attempt to leap across a great distance, and ultimately perform a sort of resurrection, through some alchemical combination of love, rage, memory, imagination, and writing. The quotation attributed to the fictional Solita in “August-September 2007” is from Joseph Kresh’s translation of the Diaries of Franz Kafka, 1910-1913, edited by Max Brod, and published at Shocken Books, New York, NY, 1948.”

August – September 2007




Hailey Rose Jones ’14 – Visual Art Award

“This work is a part of a series I call Small Rituals, which developed organically from a curiosity of spirituality and of the abundance of ritualistic behavior that surrounds it. Within the works in the series, I staged a falsified religious rite, a blessing of teeth that had just a week before been a living part of my own body, beginning the process of exploring the nature of these odd and mostly mystic rituals that dot our history.”

You can see more images from the “Small Rituals” series on Hailey’s website.

Small Rituals


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