Lives of Creative Practice: PNCA Alumni on UNTITLED


In honor of PNCA's 2012 Alumni Exhibition, UNTITLED highlights alumni achievement.

In honor of PNCA’s 2012 Alumni Exhibition, UNTITLED has combed through the archives to pull out articles featuring alumni in the show. Ray Barrett, Jr., MFA VS ’11, Pat Boas ’98, Eliza Fernand ’06, Michael Curry ’81, Lucinda Parker ’66, Lee Kelly ’59… The list is a long and impressive one.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to have some of the exhibiting alumni contribute their words and voice to us over the years, writing and producing columns in UNTITLED.

Ray Barrett, Jr., MFA VS ’11 and Antonia Pinter ’11 acted as UNTITLED‘s foreign correspondants in Senegal and Parma, respectively, while studying abroad with Global Studios. Anna Gray ’08 and Ryan Wilson Paulson ’08 wrote the opening essay, “All Together Now,” of the 2011 Faculty Biennial Catalog. Jason Lee Starin, MFA ACD ’11 posted notes from the field during his internship at Museum of Contemporary Craft during the 2010 Gestures of Resistance show.

Participation in the Alumni Exhibition isn’t a fluke or a blip for these artists. Each of these alumni have a history of achievement and it has been our privilege to capture and write about some of those moments.

Pour yourself another cup of coffee and find a comfortable chair. You’re going to want to spend some time with these people.

- Killeen Hanson, MFA ACD ’12

Ten Questions with Eliza Fernand

Eliza Fernand ’06 travels the country in search of stories about quilts and quilting.

Journey Underneath a City

Samuel Rowlett ’02 paddles the Connecticut River. You can also read about Rowlett’s solo show at STEP UP 2011.

Pat Boas ’98 Named 2012 Bonnie Bronson Fellow

The Oregon Community Foundation recently named faculty member Pat Boas the 21st Annual Bonnie Bronson Fellow.

Deep Order: Exploring the Work of Anne Crumpacker, MFA ACD ’11

Artist, cultural entrepreneur, and civic leader, Anne Crumpacker finds “deep order and connection” in the material of bamboo.

2011 Homecoming: Malia Jensen ’89

PNCA alumna and 2002 Bonnie Bronson Fellow Malia Jensen ’89 delivers the 2011 Homecoming address before students, alumni and the general public.

2009 Centennial Commencement Address: Michael Curry ’81

Puppet and production designer Michael Curry ’81 addresses the Centennial Year 2009 BFA and MFA graduates.

An Interview with Julia Fish ’76

Alumna Julia Fish ’76 speaks about the 2010 Whitney Biennial, the home in Chicago that has provided inspiration for the past two decades, and her Portland roots.

George Johanson ’50: What a Curious Profession This is…

George Johanson ’50 speaks with his former student and long-time friend, PNCA faculty member Barry Pelzner ’77, about seven decades of painting.

Radio PNCA: An Interview with Lydia Rosenberg ’10

Finn Grey ’10 speaks with Lydia Rosenberg ’10 about her BFA exhibition.

Of Waterpods and Flockhouses

New York-based artist Mary Mattingly ’02 talks about Air Ship Air City, a chicken coop-style house made of recycled materials.

What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

Julie Orser ’99 and Stephen Slappe exhibit in Out of the Great Northwest at Horse Hospital in London.

Homecoming: Lee Kelly ’59

Bruce Guenther interviews sculptor Lee Kelly ’59 for the 2009 Homecoming Address

by Killeen Hanson, MFA ACD '12

— Posted on 09/19 at 10:27 AM

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