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Laura DeVito Blogs for Collaborative Design


Laura DeVito, MFA CD '13 blogs about her experiences in PNCA’s innovative MFA in Collaborative Design program.

Laura’s Lens is UNTITLED magazine’s newest student blog. In it, Laura DeVito, MFA CD ’13 blogs about her experiences in PNCA’s MFA in Collaborative Design program. These experiences include interacting with mentors involved in City Planning, ethnobotany and land management practices, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), design ethnography, cultural entrepreneurship and research methodologies across a wide range of disciplines. In addition to coursework, DeVito writes about guest speakers, outside lectures and other events in pursuit of a capstone encompassing sculptural art, biomimicry, mapping systems and neuroscience.

You can read Laura’s Lens here, or subscribe to it here. You can also follow DeVito through her portfolio, personal blog, and on the new Collaborative Design web hub, CODE:pdx.


From the Just Being Collective: “The Just Being Collective project’s mission is to emphasize the importance of soft services, supported through the storytelling power of the arts, and empowerment and empathy through social engagement. Soft services are dignity and hospitality offered in social services.” Photo courtesy of Laura DeVito.


From the oneness series: “It seems that most people view nature as a separate entity. People either run from or go to nature rather than realizing that we are actually a part of it. Humanity is slowly returning to the thought of nature and making the realization that everything is connected and interdependent upon one another.” Photo courtesy of Laura DeVito


From the Forgotten People project: “I’m trying to view other people and their work. These are people with jobs that perhaps the average person doesn’t think about, even though they are affected by it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.” Photo courtesy of Laura DeVito

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by Killeen Hanson, MFA ACD '12

— Posted on 10/11 at 04:28 PM

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