Crystal Schenk Awarded 2013 Caldera Residency


Crystal Schenk is awarded a 2013 Artist-in-Residency at Caldera Art Center.

Among the impressive roster of seventeen artists, writers, and performers selected for a month-long Artists in Residency at Caldera was Crystal Schenk, an instructor at PNCA in Foundation and Sculpture. Schenk is also the recipient of the 2013 Ford Family Foundation Caldera Prize for visual artists. According to the press release, “The Ford Family Foundation Caldera Artist-in-Residence Prizes are given to full-time Oregon artists over the age of 30 who have been active in their art form for the last seven years.”

Schenk is a sculpture and installation artist who “sometimes dabbles in video, drawing and knitting when the mood strikes.” Her works range widely over the material spectrum: wood, stained glass, plaster, crystals, and fiber.

Schenk’s longtime collaborator, Shelby Davis, is also a recipient of a 2013 Caldera Artist in Residency. Past Caldera Artists in Residence include Fritz Liedtke ’02, Linda K. Johnson, Rose Bond, MK Guth, Daniel Duford, Mack McFarland, and Lennie Pitkin.


“Holy Cow!” by Crystal Shenk (2010), Longhorn steer skull and horns, crystals. Photo courtesy of artist.


“Artifacts of Memory” by Crystal Schenk, 2012. Installation at Linfield Gallery. Photo courtesy of artist.

In May 2012, a Wall Street Journal article asked “Is Portland our nation’s next art capital?” A visit to Schenk’s Linfield Gallery installation, “Artifacts of Memory,” is part of what sealed the deal for writer Peter Plagens. He called it “a truly poetic stunner.”

In Plagens’ words: “…[Artifacts of Memory] comprises two dense, horizontal arrays of closed artificial flowers hovering at eye level. The upper field hangs from the rafters on barely visible strands of monofilament, while the lower field strains up from the floor. Although the work’s mechanical secret lies in hidden magnets, its beauty is elegantly obvious.”

As a Caldera Artist in Residence, Schenk will be given a private cottage and studio or workspace at Caldera’s Art Center at Blue Lake near Sisters during the month of January 2013. She will also be sharing her work and perspectives as an artist to Oregon youth through workshops and presentations.

You can view more of Schenk’s work on her portfolio and at Caldera’s Open Studio on January 26, 2013.


“Have and Have Not” by Crystal Shenk (2006), steel, stained glass, wood, fabric. Photo courtesy of artist.


“Artifacts of Memory” by Crystal Schenk, 2012. Installation at Linfield Gallery. Photo courtesy of artist.


“Right Thumb” by Crystal Schenk (2008), crocheted cotton thread. Photo courtesy of artist.

by Killeen Hanson, MFA ACD '12

— Posted on 10/24 at 11:00 AM

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