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3 Questions with Amos Kennedy


Printmaker Amos Kennedy on lives of creative practice vs. careers of creative practice.

3 QUESTIONS is series of brief, three-question interviews with PNCA’s visiting artists and lecturers. Each year, PNCA attracts innovative, thoughtful, and creative makers and thinkers who share our belief in the transformative power of creativity. In three short answers to three short questions, these artists offer perspectives on career, motivation, and transformation. When available, we include links to audio recordings, transcripts, slideshows, or video.

The MFA in Applied Craft and Design and PNCA’s Printmaking Department welcomes Amos Kennedy as part of the 2012-2013 Graduate Visiting Artist Lecture Series. You can also listen to a podcast of Amos Kennedy’s lecture.

“It is better to embark on a life.”


Photo by Joey Edwards, MFA AC+D ’14.

What advice would you offer current students about to embark on a career in the arts?

It is better to embark on a life.

How do you maintain your creative practice?

By practicing my creativity.

What keeps you motivated and engaged?

The need to create.

Could you describe a moment or experience that profoundly changed the nature of your work?

When I get my bills.

Amos Kennedy is a letterpress printer, papermaker, and builder of artist’s books based in Gordo, Alabama. He quit his corporate computer programming job at the age of 40 to follow his dream of becoming a letterpress artist, or as he calls himself, “a humble negro printer.” His work embodies his passion for stirring up strong emotions and encouraging people to think in new ways. Kennedy is the subject of the documentary Proceed and Be Bold.

— Posted on 12/06 at 10:28 AM

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