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A Historic Gift for PNCA


Philanthropist Hallie Ford's landmark $15M gift to PNCA will launch the innovative Ford Institute for Visual Education.

In a May 2007 article in the Oregonian, D.K. Row reports on PNCA’s landmark gift from 102-year-old philanthropist Hallie E. Ford. Her gift of $15 million is the largest single donation ever to an Oregon cultural group.

The gift reflects Ford’s desire “to see a globally recognized center for visual art and design education located in Oregon.”


John Jay, of Weiden+Kennedy, at the PNCA Press Conference.

As Row writes, “[PNCA] will use most of the money to create an ambitious program that will bring world-class artists, performers and designers to live and teach in Portland. Under the program the college’s 3,000 full-time and continuing education art students will be able to study painting, design, computer graphics and the like, with the artists.”

“To endow a program that brings important artists (of this level) to this community will change everything,” says architect Brad Cloepfil in the article, “It changes not only the school but this city.” Cloepfil is an internationally known Portland architect and one of a small group of creative executives who have been advising PNCA on its future.

The institute, which will be known as the Ford Institute for Visual Education (PNCA+FIVE), will launch an ambitious artist-in-residence program, further graduate programs, and a rigorous and innovative roster of lectures and workshops by visiting artist.

You can read the article in full here.


Applause at the press conference announcing the historic $15M gift by Hallie Ford to PNCA.

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