Samantha Wall: Laid to Rest


New show by Samantha Wall, MFA VA '11, at The Art Gym.

The newest show by Samantha Wall, who graduated from PNCA’s MFA in Visual Studies in 2011, is closing this weekend at Marylhurst Art Gym.

Wall’s pieces are part of the exhibition Laid to Rest, which is exhibited alongside Weight by Kelly Rauer. For the show, which opened in mid-January, Wall produced six large graphite and pencil illustrations that grow out of selected video stills. In the words of Terri Hopkins, Director and Curator of The Art Gym, “In her drawings, she considers and depicts the complex and unsettling struggles of the self to come to terms with conflicting identities, cultural expectations and emotions.”

“Wall’s use of this imagery of disembodiment is disturbing and intentional and it underlines the often dark and elusive understanding we have of the body and its relationship to psyche and self, which is the subject of much of her work.”

You can listen to an interview with Wall and Rauer on KBOO and read a recent interview with Wall on Japan Cinema in which she explains, “The drawings that I think are the most successful are ones that are a little difficult to digest. I enjoy feeling simultaneously attracted and repelled by the work. I think the only way to accomplish this is by confronting those grey areas within myself.” Of Laid to Rest she says, “The drawings continue to explore similar themes as some of my previous work but there‚Äôs a sense of distillation in this group of drawings. The work is focused on a single figure, presented over and over. She begins to take on a power through this repetition, and the titles of the drawings amplify this sensation.”

Follow Wall’s work on her blog and website.


Five Words: Exhume, by Samantha Wall. Image via The Art Gym at Marylhurst University.

— Posted on 02/08 at 04:55 PM

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