Illustration Graduate Successes


Recent graduates from PNCA's BFA in Illustration sketch out a bright future.

Portland is a comics town. Evidence: Portland boasts not one, by THREE comics festivals (Rose City Comic Con, Portland Comic Con, Stumptown Comics Fest, and counting) and the many many comic book stores throughout the city.

It’s a zine town. Evidence: the flourishing Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) and growing zine collections at nine plus branches of Multnomah County Library.

And it’s a town that appreciates knows the value of illustration. PNCA’s growing BFA in Illustration program is a large reason why. It produces students with both technical mastery and contemporary marketplace savvy.

So it makes sense that PNCA’s Illustration Department is one of the fastest growing programs in the country.

Here are some success stories from recent graduates:

Autumn Northcraft ’12

Autumn Northcraft ’12 does double duty as Willamette Week‘s newest street fashion photographer and as a freelancer for Iridio studios. Check out her work on Flickr and on her both her illustration and photography websites.


Autumn Northcraft ’14 photography for Moonwoods. Photo via artist’s website.


“Take Care” by Autumn Northcraft ’14. Photo via artist’s website.

Addison Rankin ’12

Addison Rankin ’12 is building a reputation in the gaming community. He’s developing a mobile trading card game for Japanese company Cygames and contributing to the Mage Wars board game for Texan company Arcane Wonders. Rankin also worked on a series of icons for the video game Forge from Oregon City company SuperGenius. See more on his website and Tumblr.


“Throg,” by Addison Rankin ’12 for Arcane Wonders.

Sera Stanton ’12

Recent work by Sera Stanton ’12 appeared in Bitch Magazine alongside a feature on paranormal romance in young adult fiction. Bitch also used some of Stanton’s work as spot illustrations in the Spring 2013 issue’s Table of Contents. Upcoming projects include contributions to an AIGA zine (along with Kinoko Evans ’12 and Blaire Stapp ’12) and a comic for a new blog series for Bitch. See more work on her website and blog.


Feature illustration by Sera Stanton ’12 for “Paranormal Boyfriends, Purity Myths, and Practical Virgins—The literature of losing it,” Bitch Magazine, Spring 2013. Image via artist website.

Kinoko Evans ’12

A comic by Kinoko Evans ’12, who was recently featured in an UNTITLED studio visit, appeared inside the front and back covers of Issue #34 of Bear Deluxe Magazine, a Portland-based award-winning publication focusing on the intersection of art and environmental issues. Her comic is still being passed around Portland. From Kristin Rogers-Brown, art director for Bitch Media and Assistant Professor at PNCA: “It’s REALLY GOOD.” You can view more Evans’ work on her portfolio, Tumblr, etsy site, and on Instagram at @kinokogallery.


The inside and back cover of “Bear Deluxe #34,” featuring a comic by Kinoko Evans ’12. Photo via artist’s blog.

“Shaman,” by Kinoko Evans ’12. Photo via artist’s website.

Nicole Cuvin ’11

Like Sera Stanton, Nicole Cuvin ’11 is working on a comic for a new web series at Bitch by Sarah Mirk that responds to current TV/movies/books as they come out.


“Chuck Berry,” by Nicole Cuvin ’11. Image via artist’s website.

by Killeen Hanson, MFA ACD '12.

— Posted on 04/15 at 11:10 AM

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