Selected Works from PNCA’s Spring 2013 Submit Magazine


PNCA announces awards for excellence in the most recent issue of Submit Magazine.

Submit Magazine is an annual student-managed publication featuring original visual and literary works from PNCA’s community as well as submissions from visiting artists and writers. This year, PNCA offers awards in two categories for the most recent issue. These students continue the tradition of excellence among the student artists and writers published in Submit.

Congratulations to Laurel Cook ’13 (Literary Award) and Micah Fischer ’13 (Visual Art Award) and to runners-up Demian Dine’ Yazhi’ ’13 and Edward Trover, MFA VS ’13 (Literary Award) and Lorna Marissa Boone ’14 and Ally Hulsey ’16 (Visual Art Award).

The Spring 2013 Issue of SUBMIT, PNCA’s literary and arts magazine. Photo by Matthew Miller ’11.

Laurel Cook ’13 – Literary Award

Compacting Experiment
I hired a team of scientists
all well known professionals
experts known to the scientific community
chemists biologists alchemists philosophers
interested in the things
I expressed need in
pervertedly or otherwise
they laid me on a metal table
no arm or leg straps
no anesthesia or paper warnings
to sign
or lessons on breathing
to relieve pain
and they began folding me
knee over chest over ear over pelvis
face in my back and toes against my rib cage
writing numbers on a chalkboard for
for every impossible angle
dividing them by my determination
and then adding figures
depending on the levels of
in my requests

my breasts were on the cold metal
where the back of my calves
were before and my calves
were directly above them
and beneath where my neck was
fold after fold I took up less space
incrementally less every time
until I was a mere ball
twisted like rubber bands
twice as dense
and when they had gotten me compact enough
so that I made no sound
they brought you in
you picked me up
like an orange
and wrapped your fingers around me
and touched every single part of me
at once
in the way I had planned
and if I wasn’t immobile before
that would have stopped me completely

Demian Dine’ Yazhi’ ’13 – Runner-Up, Literary Award

Map to Bagby Hot Springs

Edward Trover, MFA VS ’13 – Runner-Up, Literary Award

Two Phrases Taken at Random from The New York Times

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I won’t. I liked to read the dictionary in my eighth-grade English class. The furthest I got that I can remember was the word abominable. I mainly did it for the attention. I wanted to appear to be an intellectual. In high school, I was told by an upperclassman, now my wife, that I was brought up in discussion during her English class. The teacher, whom I admired and looked up to, stated that I was the most non-conformist student. This angered my future wife, for she knew that I was just like everybody else, just not like the people in our small town. I’m not sure Mr. Wright was wrong, but she was definitely right. Now, I prefer to use a thesaurus, arriving in a culture steeped with titillation.

Micah Fischer ’13 – Visual Art Award

Photo by Micah Fischer ’13.

Ally Hulsey ’16 – Runner-Up, Visual Art Award

Painting by Ally Hulsey ’16, via Submit Magazine, Spring 2013.

Lorna Marissa Boone ’14 – Runner-Up, Visual Art Award

Painting by Marissa Boone ’14, via Submit Magazine, Spring 2013.

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