2013 Joan Shipley Civic Imagination Award


PNCA presents the 2013 Joan Shipley Civic Imagination Award to the Maribeth Collins Family.

On June 1, 2013, Pacific Northwest College of Art presented the 2013 Joan Shipley Civic Imagination Award to the Maribeth Collins Family. The Award recognizes inspiring civic leaders who have demonstrated significant, lifelong achievement in imagining, creating, and promoting a vibrant cultural and educational community in Portland and throughout Oregon. The award, presented to the Maribeth Collins Family by PNCA president Tom Manley and John Shipley, honors the late Joan Shipley, whose visionary leadership made an indelible impact on Portland. Like Joan Shipley, Maribeth Collins and her entire family embody philanthropy as a value and have dedicated themselves to promoting fairness, opportunity, education, and creativity as the heart of a strong and vibrant community. Truman Collins, Jr. accepted the award for the family.

“At a time when our capital campaign is enjoying real momentum, it was a great night to celebrate the kind of stalwart support that women like Dolly Lemelson, Maribeth Collins, and Joan Shipley have provided the College and the greater Portland community for so many years,” said Tom Manley, president of PNCA. “Thanks to them and the hundreds of supporters who enjoyed the Gala with us, we celebrated both how far PNCA has come in 104 years and our vision for its dynamic future.”

2013 Joan Shipley Civic Imagination Award

2013 Joan Shipley Civic Imagination Award from PNCA – Pacific Northwest College on Vimeo.

Video production by Janique Robillard, Paulius Kontijevas, Harrisen Howes, Alison Grayson, Shawn Willis, Jake Lyon, Raven Flemming, Killeen Hanson, and Alisha Sullivan.

Featuring Tom Manley, Lee Kelly ’59, and Cynthia Addams.

Produced for PNCA’s 2013 Annual Gala at Vigor Industrial to support student scholarships on June 1, 2013. Learn more about PNCA and our vibrant community of talented faculty, mentors, and alumni at

You can watch this and other PNCA videos on PNCA’s Vimeo page.

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