Big Dreams for the Future


Four PNCA students share their big, wild, ambitious dreams for life post-graduation.

Talk about the Transformative Power of Creativity:

PNCA students have big dreams for their futures – dreams for careers, projections, and collaborations which will transform lives and cities. They are painters, innovators, sculptors, filmmakers, illustrators, animators, writers, designers, and question-askers. They are curious. They think creatively. They hold up a lens to the world and show us what works, what’s broken, and how we can make it better. PNCA equips students to achieve those dreams.

Since PNCA was founded in 1909, PNCA has graduated 3533 artist and creative thinkers. These graduates have left their mark on the world in ways both large and small. The students featured in this video represent the the many talented thinkers, makers, and educators in the PNCA student body and alumni family. Their voices demonstrate the potential of a creative education.

Thank you for supporting the students of PNCA.

PNCA Students Dream Big

PNCA Students Dream Big from PNCA – Pacific Northwest College on Vimeo.

Video production by Janique Robillard, Paulius Kontijevas, Harrisen Howes, Alison Grayson, Shawn Willis, Jake Lyon, Raven Flemming, Killeen Hanson, and Alisha Sullivan.

Featuring Kyla Mucci, MFA AC+D ’13, Laura DeVito, MFA CD ’13, Marshall Astor, MA CT+CR ’13, and Nicolo Gentile ’14.

Produced for PNCA’s 2013 Annual Gala at Vigor Industrial to support student scholarships on June 1, 2013. Learn more about PNCA and our vibrant community of talented faculty, mentors, and alumni at pnca.edu.

You can watch this and other PNCA videos on PNCA’s Vimeo page.

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