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May Photo Highlights


A photographic look at life and community at PNCA during May 2013.

Every month or so, we present to you a few photos that capture the spirit of the community at PNCA. These snapshots celebrate recent accomplishments and memorable moments from life at the College.

So much is happening here. Thesis proposals and defenses. Commencement speeches and tassel-turning. Scholarships and departmental awards. Graduate exhibitions. An Annual Gala with trapeze artists and clanging percussion. Studio visits. A new issue of SUBMIT magazine. Summer art programs. Goodbyes, hellos, and fond memories of a great year. End-of-year street parties. Vacations and long, warm summer days.

Missed something? Or simply want to relive the experience? Check out the photos below.

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All images courtesy of PNCA’s Communications Office and Continuing Education Program. Photos by Matthew Miller ’11, Marissa Boone ’14, Micah Fischer ’13, and Sara Kaltwasser ’06. See more great photos from PNCA on the College’s Flickr site.

— Posted on 06/14 at 03:56 PM

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