Museum of Contemporary Craft

The Bowl: Visual Inspiration


Inspired by the variety on display, Molly Mendoza '14 sketched the bowls in Object Focus: The Bowl

From March through September 2013, in honor of Object Focus: The Bowl at Museum of Contemporary Craft, UNTITLED Magazine will be collecting essays, stories, illustrations, poems, recipes, and other texts by PNCA community members about the bowl. The words of chefs, anthropologists, and poets will appear alongside those of critics, makers, and curators to extol on the bowl in its myriad incarnations.


By Molly Mendoza ’14

PNCA illustration student Molly Mendoza is inspired by Object Focus: The Bowl, Reflect + Respond. This and other illustrations were first published on

MOLLY MENDOZA ’14 is a Portland-based artist and illustrator. She is currently a student at PNCA.

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