CTCR graduate presents at SVA


Eileen Isagon Skyers, a recent graduate of the CTCR master's program, will be presenting at the Graduate Student Conference at SVA.

Eileen Isagon Skyers, a recent graduate of the Critical Theory and Critical Research (CTCR) master’s program, will be presenting at the Graduate Student Conference at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Skyers was selected to present her CTCR thesis research as a preface to keynote speaker, Boris Groys, on the topic of Art on the Internet. Skyers hopes to see what types of research students are doing at different hybrid programs across the nation at the conference. Hybrid programs are difficult to define, so it will be interesting for Skyers to gain a better understanding of how programs are taking shape in defining themselves. Skyers applied through the encouragement of Laura Hughes’ Professional Practice course, and will be covering various definitions of Internet art to acquaint conference attendees unfamiliar with the subject. Skyers’ thesis research focuses on the topics of user interface and the Internet Art Movement.

Skyers’ thesis research is composed primarily of two parts. She explains that the first part, “mainly concerns the interface and the increasing imperceptibility of the interface through time.” For example, examining the “screen real estate on phones” and Google Glass. Skyers is interested in these new technologies being introduced and “coalescing into other objects within space.” Part two focuses in on the Internet Art Movement of the 90’s compared to Internet art made today. With regard to Net Art practices, Skyers goes on explain that, “those movements work to subvert all those notions of transparency and seamlessness with regards to interface relations.” Skyers has exhibited both locally and internationally, and continues to explore through art and research the ever-changing image cultures on the Internet.

EI Skyers thesis research

Image of Eileen Isagon Skyers’ thesis research to be used in presentation at SVA.

— Posted on 12/04 at 12:22 PM

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