Making Her Own Way: Lindsey Walker ‘17


"I am assembling a skill set... I'm not afraid to work outside of my comfort zone."

Lindsey Walker ’17 started her college career on a very different path. As a psychobiology major at UC Davis, she planned on a career in science, but a desire to study art and explore her creativity led her to PNCA.

“My dad is a trained craftsman. He taught me how to draw when I was little,” says Lindsey, who wondered if a career as an artist would be too self-indulgent. In the end, she decided that if she didn’t give voice to her creativity, she might always regret the missed opportunity.

At PNCA, Lindsey found teachers and mentors who have encouraged her to take control of her education and explore a variety of mediums and techniques. As a General Fine Arts major, she can take on a range of projects that spark her curiosity and inspire her. “I am assembling a skill set – painting, screen printing, bookmaking, design,” she says. “I’m not afraid to work outside of my comfort zone.”

One such project yielded a generous scholarship and an amazing professional opportunity: as one of three finalist for the Argyle Winery Scholarship, Lindsey designed a stunning wine label featuring an abstract figure in black on a bold yellow background. The image symbolizes the cycle of nature that is so much of the Argyle story. Lindsey’s label design, along with those of two other students, was chosen and a three-bottle trio called The Art of Sparking was born.

The Art of Sparkling

Lindsey’s path has been challenging. She started PNCA with enough money in the bank to pay for her housing for three years, but spent the first two weeks living in a hostel and her car while she was approved for an apartment. She balanced school with work during the first three years but for her fourth and final year, she has left the part-time job behind to fully focus on her classes and her thesis.

Lindsey is grateful for the generous financial aid and scholarships she has received from PNCA, making sure to “apply for every merit scholarship she could find.” Looking to the future, she is considering a variety of opportunities – a Leland Iron Works artist residency, a Fulbright Scholarship, an Asian Arts Council Grant, and graduate school. Wherever she lands, she will take a full complement of skills with her, as well as a strong work ethic, confidence, and insatiably curious mind.

Lindsey Walker in her studio

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