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PDX to PEK: Digging to China


Two Global Studio: China students narrate their experiences in the culturally diverse cities of Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai.

PNCA students Michael O’Malley ’11 and Jack Hillie ’10 blog about their travels and experiences in China. Follow O’Malley and Hillie as they explore the vibrant Chinese contemporary art scene in Beijing, tour the studio of artist Ai Weiwei, navigate through the hutongs (alleyways) surrounding the Forbidden City, trek to the mountaintop temples of Chengdu, go backstage at the Sichuan Opera and visit the Shanghai World Expo.

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Candles in front of a Daoist temple in Chengdou


Visitors in an installation by Olafur Elliason at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing


Backstage at the Sichuan Opera in Chengdou


Temple of Heaven in Beijing

— Posted on 06/09 at 02:47 PM

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