No. 2

Writer’s Workshop: Grace Sanders


Selections from Grace Sanders at the writer's retreat at Lee Kelly's studio

A Prayer for This Place

Water gurgling
Sparks cascading
Metal glistening
Scupltures towering
Sequoias guarding
Greenness sheltering…
Dear God, or Allness, Sacred Light, or whatever name is acceptable:
please bless
Lee, Kassandra, Lucy, Potter, Susan, Danita, and…yes,
Bonnie and Jason,
who are the guardians of this sacred space.
Let them flourish and thrive
as we hope, too, for our glorious conflagration
now sparked.
We are grateful to have been present
in this beginning with our words,
gently wrung from our hearts
by Kim and Barry.
Oh, Lord, no mission or vision statement for us—
rather, a burning question
ever to be altered and reforged,
moving from
what shall we do?
why are we here?
who are we?
And, of course,
the wondrous ellipsis…

carrying us to the next, as yet undreamed question!

by Grace Sanders

— Posted on 06/25 at 12:35 PM

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