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A Growing Return

Jody Dunphy '12 reflects on Design for the Other 90%: CITIES at Museum of Contemporary Craft.  Oct 01, 2012


The Vessel as a Conceptual Vehicle

Erik Gronborg and Howard Kottler made radical statements while working within the 1,000-year old ceramic tradition.  Aug 28, 2012


A Beautiful Rawness

Meghan Morris, MFA '13 offers a ceramicists' view of Betty Feves: Generations at Museum of Contemporary Craft.  Apr 25, 2012


Building the Bike of the Future

Three Applied Craft and Design students spent their summer vacation designing the ultimate utility bike for art students.  Nov 09, 2011


The True Protest is Beauty

Writer and musician Jean Smith reflects upon the example of Nikki McClure, their relationship and her view on McClure's evolution as a human and an artist.  Aug 25, 2011


Weaving Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Five artists-in-residence create personal responses to the work of Laurie Herrick, on view at Museum of Contemporary Craft.  May 05, 2011


Laurie Herrick: Seventy Years as a Weaver

Author and educator Elissa Auther explores the weavings of designer-craftsman Laurie Herrick, on view at Museum of Contemporary Craft.  Mar 31, 2011


Into the Field of Now

Faculty Daniel Duford on Ai Weiwei's Dropping the Urn at the Museum of Contemporary Craft.  Aug 18, 2010


An Interview with Garth Clark

Garth Clark talks to Namita Gupta Wiggers about craft in the academy in post-war America.  Oct 22, 2009

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