Multimedia : MFA Collaborative Design Lectures


Microscopic Sacred Cows: NECROCRACY

The MFA in Collaborative Design program presents media and animation artist Marina Zurkow, who lectures on how humans are disturbed and dominated by long-dead marine microorganisms that compose modern day oil.  Apr 12, 2012


Creatively Fearless: PNCA’s MFA in Collaborative Design

Collaborative Design Chair Peter Schoonmaker talks about what makes this unique MFA program different, and why artists and designers are the best suited to address the challenges of the twenty-first century.  Mar 06, 2012


MFA Lecture: Biophilic Cities

Visiting artist Timothy Beatley lectures on green urbanism and community scale sustainability as part of an MFA in Collaborative Design lecture.  Mar 01, 2012


MFA Lecture: Paul Gilding

Our current economic model has come to an end, and the environmental, social and financial bills have come due. Paul Gilding offers hope through compassion, innovation and resilience in this MFA in Collaborative Design lecture.  Jan 12, 2012


MFA Lecture: Richard Heinberg

Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute, speaks about the “new normal” in economic growth, presented by the MFA in Collaborative Design.  Nov 07, 2011


MFA Lecture: Harish Hande

The MFA in Collaborative Design presents Harish Hande, whose company, SELCO India, empowers poor, rural India with cost-efficient, clean energy.  Oct 31, 2011


Open Spaces: Northwest Innovation

Illahee and PNCA's new MFA in Collaborative Design present a panel discussion about the new Open Spaces anthology.  Jul 07, 2011

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