Multimedia — Sep 29, 2011

Alumni Profile: Oregon Painting Society


The current members of Oregon Painting Society, a Portland-based collective, discuss their origins, inspirations and methods in this Alumni Profile video.

Oregon Painting Society (OPS), a group with roots at PNCA, has become a cornerstone of Portland’s collective art scene. Widely recognized for their group exhibitions, OPS often incorporates witchcraft, New Age spirituality, psychedelia and science fiction into their installation and performance work. They participated in No Soul for Sale: A Festival of Independents at Tate Modern in London in 2010 and have performed at Appendix Gallery, Reed Arts Week, the Time-Based Arts Festival 2009, Burgerville, Pancake Clubhouse and Fontanelle Gallery. PNCA alumni have been active members of the collective since its inception in 2007, including current members Barbara Kinzle ’07, Brenna Murphy ’09 and Jason Traeger ’07, and past members Liam Drain ’07 and Julia Perry ’10.

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