Multimedia — Jan 12, 2012

MFA Lecture: Paul Gilding


Our current economic model has come to an end, and the environmental, social and financial bills have come due. Paul Gilding offers hope through compassion, innovation and resilience in this MFA in Collaborative Design lecture.

In recent years we have begun to feel acutely the phenomenon Paul Gilding describes as “The Great Disruption.” Our current economic model is coming to an end, and the environmental, social, and financial bills have come due. In his latest book Gilding asserts that this disruption is just beginning and we’re in for a rough ride. Fortunately, he offers more than doom and gloom, reminding us that crises often bring out the best people have to offer: compassion, innovation, and resilience.

Paul Gilding is an international thought leader and advocate for sustainability. He has served as head of Greenpeace International, and is currently a faculty member for Cambridge University’s Programme for Sustainability Leadership.

Paul Gilding speaks about The Great Disruption as part of the MFA in Collaborative Design.

MFA Lecture: Paul Gilding – The Great Disruption

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