Multimedia — Jan 19, 2012

MFA Lecture: Doug Browe


Ceramicist Doug Browe comes to PNCA for the 2011-2012 Graduate Visiting Artist Lecture Series, hosted by the MFA in Applied Craft and Design.

Doug Browe has been immersed in ceramic work for the past 35 years. He created the utilitarian ceramic workshop of Hoyman Browe Studio/Earthenware Potters and worked with residents of a Burmese refugee camp to set up a pottery using local materials. Currently the head of ceramics and sculpture at Mendocino College, Doug’s personal and artistic investigation is rooted in the figuration and architecture of his history, a study he calls “Anthrotecture.”

MFA Lecture: Doug Browe

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The MFA in Applied Craft and Design is a collaborative program offered by PNCA and Oregon College of Art and Craft.

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