Multimedia — Mar 06, 2012

PNCA Scholarships


Learn about two of PNCA's most prestigious scholarships, and what it means to the students who receive them and the donors whose generosity will benefit students for years to come.

Every year, PNCA’s Benefit Art Auction raises money for scholarships at PNCA. This year, thanks to the generosity of our community, the auction beat its $100,000 goal for the event.

Two of PNCA’s most prestigious scholarships are the Ed Cauduro Endowed Scholarship at the Oregon Community Foundation and The Dorothy Lemelson Scholarship, each of which fully support four students throughout their four years of study at PNCA. The video below, which screened at this year’s auction at The Nines Hotel, introduces a few of those students who talk about what the scholarships mean to them. And it gives a little glimpse into donors’ thoughts on the power of giving.

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