Multimedia — Apr 30, 2012

Austin Kleon: Steal Like an Artist


PNCA and The Right Brain Initiative bring Austin Kleon to Portland for a noontime lecture about creativity and the things no one told you about being an artist.

Called “positively one of the most interesting people on the Internet” by The Atlantic, writer and artist Austin Kleon shares ten principals to help anyone “inject creativity into their life and work.” Kleon encourages audiences to abandon the mirage of originality in favor of embracing influence and curiosity to develop an authentic creative process.

Austin Kleon is the author of the instant New York Times best-selling book Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, already being hailed as a classic creativity read. He has also authored the redacted poetry collection Newspaper Blackout, and his work has been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, PBS NewsHour, The Wall Street Journal, and the art website 20× He lives in Austin, Texas, and online at

Austin Kleon: Steal Like an Artist

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