Multimedia — May 23, 2012

Making History Now: How Betty Feves Shaped the Art Scene as You Know it Today


Curator Namita Wiggers discusses Generations: Betty Feves with a lecture about the influence of ceramicist Betty Feves on the regional and national art scene.

Who was Betty Feves, and why did the Museum create an exhibition and publication focused on her work and life?

Curator Namita Gupta Wiggers shares behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the latest project in the Generations series, and helps you understand how Betty Feves is important to anyone interested in using local materials, mentoring in the community, arts education, and the role women play in shaping history in our region.

Wiggers has been the curator of the Museum of Contemporary Craft since 2004. Her curatorial practice combines experience as a museum educator, graduate studies in contemporary art, theory, and post-colonialism, user-based design research for a product design company, and years as a studio art jeweler. She particularly relishes collaborations with anyone who wants to explore exhibitions as unique spatial, cultural and educational environments to investigate questions and ideas. She has written several books, essays and articles on contemporary craft. Whenever possible, she works to disrupt the silos of art, craft, and design.

Making History Now: How Betty Feves Shaped the Art Scene as You Know it Today

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