Interview — May 14, 2010

Radio PNCA: An Interview with Stephen Slappe


Finn Grey ’10 speaks with PNCA faculty member Stephen Slappe about Crossroads, his new installation at the Leftbank Building.

Finn Grey ’10 speaks with PNCA faculty member Stephen Slappe, who is part of Portland 2010, a biennial of work in Portland presented by Disjecta and curated by Cris Moss. Originally broadcast on Radio PNCA.

Slappe talks about the metaphysical space of Crossroads, his new 4-channel video and sound installation at the Leftbank Building March 20–April 25, 2010. Grey also talks to the artist about the interplay of nature and technology in his work; how media affects the way we interact with the world and with nature; humor as bait; and the trickster archetype.

Portland 2010 takes place in a variety of galleries and warehouse spaces across Portland in March and April. The Templeton Building features work by faculty members Holly Andres, David Eckard, Damien Gilley and Jenene Nagy, as well as alumni Pat Boas ’98 and Oregon Painting Society. Visit the Portland 2010 web site for more information.

Radio PNCA: A Conversation with Stephan Slappe

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