Multimedia — Mar 25, 2010

Columbia River Crossing: An Evening with Members of the CRC Project Team


Members of the CRC Project Team from Portland and Vancouver discuss progress on the Columbia River Crossing.

The Architecture Foundation of Oregon (AFO) and designers from PDXplore present Crossing the Columbia River: What Does it Mean for Our Region?, a two-phase forum in February and March 2010 at PNCA. Featuring exhibitions and public programs, the forum drew attention to the current status of the Columbia River Crossing, increasing citizens’ recognition of the project’s profound scope and impact, and inspiring broad discussion about its potential for excellence. For more information about the forum, visit the Architectural Foundation of Oregon or the PDXplore web site.

A lively panel discussion with representatives from the Columbia River Crossing and the cities of Portland and Vancouver detailed progress made thus far on the project and outlined next steps. The panel spoke about the efforts being made to improve safety, extend light rail, add bicycle/pedestrian paths and support smart community growth. CRC staff also reported how community input has thus far informed bridge, transit and interchange designs.

PNCA also hosted an international panel on Fresh Design Perspectives as part of the symposium.

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