Multimedia — Nov 13, 2009

PNCA+FIVE Idea Studios: Children’s Creativity Symposium | Dr. Ellen Handler Spitz


Dr. Ellen Handler Spitz delivers the keynote address at the PNCA+FIVE Idea Studios Children's Creativity Symposium.

Writer, lecturer, and scholar Dr. Ellen Handler Spitz examines the unlimited imaginative dimensions of children’s experiences in her keynote address, “Reflections on Space and Childhood.” Spitz discusses the complex and powerful role of the visual arts in the emotional and cognitive development of children. In particular, Dr. Spitz will address trends, opportunities and limitations for deploying the visual arts in therapeutic contexts.

Part of Children’s Creativity: Why the Visual Arts Matter, November 11-14, 2009 at PNCA. This four day symposium focused on the role of visual arts education in childhood development. The symposium is part of a series of Idea Studios programs, generating from the College’s innovative Ford Institute of Visual Education (FIVE). Idea Studios engages leading thinkers and artists from a range of fields and practices to enrich the mix of ideas within the College and its broader community by introducing new elements, questions, possibilities and challenges to the prevailing curriculum.

PNCA also hosted a lecture by Dr. Lois Hetland and a PNCA Radio conversation on creativity and education with PNCA President Tom Manley, Dr. Hetland and Dr. Spitz.

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