History Professor Pens One-Act

PNCA Professor David Ritchie

Professor Ritchie's historical play premiere's this weekend at one of Portland's neighborhood libraries

History professor David Ritchie has written a one-act play, “A Little Horseplay in the Library,” to be performed in a readers’ theater format this Saturday at 1pm at Portland’s West Slope Community Library (3678 SW 78th Avenue).

According to a story in the Times, “The play itself is set in a library, with the premise of famed Civil War general and former president Ulysses S. Grant meeting his Confederate counterpart and battlefield rival Robert E. Lee long after Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse.”

Ritchie has been a patron of the West Slope Library for 26 years. He set the play in a library as a “thank-you” to West Slope. Ritchie who joined the faculty in Liberal Arts at PNCA in 1987, has published more than a hundred articles as a freelance writer and editor.

— Posted on 03/04 at 03:16 PM

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